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On the street where I live

facebookI recently discovered that my spouse and children have  Facebook conversations with there friend living only a few  doors away in our street. Over the coming weeks I will be knocking on every door of my street and inviting them to join a Facebook group of well, their street. For those who I am unable to talk to I will leave a short letter explaining what the idea is. You see ,what I got out of the recent talk from J John and follow up prayer was just how much we are losing touch with our neighbours in a world that is becoming more complex and interconnected electronically.

More then ever before we have the potential to twitter and blog as part of a vast international conversation, and yet know very little about those closest to us in our own street So, I have set up a Facebook group with the name of my street and have invited everybody living in the street to join it and let’s see where the discussion takes us. Hopefully what people will bring to and share in this form on online community will extend into the everyday character of living more in tune with a sense of improved face-to-face neighbourhood conversations. Could it begin with a street and end in a Kingdom?



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More unfinisheds than I realised

I wondered if I’d be the only one out in blog land to describe myself as an unfinished Christian – how wrong could I be. I came across the blog of Rev Dr John Montgomery from Canada. John’s passion is to encourage people to ask and live the question of faith and accept that there are different ways to be a Christian- Amen to that!

John writes “I see the journey of faith as a pilgrimage that needs to be walked daily no matter where it will take you.”

Does two of us constitute a movement and should I start to have T-shirts made up?

Read about John’s journey at http://www.peopleoftheway.blogspot.com/

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I’m unfinished are you?

Vote in this online poll to let me know where you are at!


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