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A politician’s prayer for troubled times

pigsFor the past few weeks our trust in politicians has been rocked by daily revelations about over-claiming expenses or second and even third home allowances. A profession that has been for too long merely tolerated by the people rather than truly loved or trusted now finds it’s reputation at rock bottom.

How ironic then that inthe book of prayers bought for me by my daughter this week, I find a prayer chosen by a former politician that sums up the situation. Margaret Thatcher selected the following prayer which she thought seemed “appropriate to politics”.

Thou, O Lord, that stillest the ranging of the sea, hear us, hear us, and save us, that we perish not.”

Somehow I think  a few politicians will need more than a lifeboat to keep them from perishing at next year’s General Election. Perhaps Billy Bragg will get his great leap forwards after all .

See https://unfinishedchristian.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/waiting-for-the-great-leap-forwards/


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Waiting for the great leap forwards

A couple of years ago I saw Billy Bragg at Greenbelt and he belted out this old classic. It brought back memories of supporting Labour through the miners strike and civil unrest that was an integral part of the Thatcher years – now amazingly 30 years ago . It also reminded me that however passionate we are about politics (of whatever party and none), only Jesus can bring the restorative justice we are hoping and praying for. That doesn’t stop us having a good old sing-song, dreaming of revolution, a socialist utopia and class war while wer’e waiting though does it?

Here’s Billy updating the classic for  a 2008 context- brilliant. Apologies if you are offended by some of the language- it’s not exactly Matt Redman ****!!

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Cry God for Sentamu, England and St George?

st-georgeToday is St George’s Day and earlier this year The Archbishop of York ,Ugandan-born Dr Sentamu, called  for a stronger focus on St George’s Day in response to the past association of  England’s patron saint and the national flag of St George with racists and the Far Right.Dr Sentamu  said that failure to support an English cultural identity could create a ‘twisted vision’ which could be exploited by firebrand politicians and Islamic extremists. The revival of interest in St George has been boosted in recent years by devolution in Scotland and Wales, and through widespread use of England’s national flag, the Cross of St George, by fans of the national football team.

The Archbishop added; ‘Has the time come to make the feast of St George, the patron saint of England, a public holiday?’Whether it be the terror of Salafi-jihadism (the radical Islamic doctrine behind Al Qaeda) or the insidious institutional racism of the British National Party, there are those who stand ready to fill the vacuum with a sanitised identity and twisted vision if the silent majority are reticent in holding back from forging a new identity.’Englishness is not diminished by newcomers who each bring with them a new strand to England’s fabric – rather Englishness is emboldened to grow anew.The truth is that an all-embracing England, confident and hopeful in its own identity, is something to celebrate. Let us acknowledge and enjoy what we are.”

Musician and political activist Billy Bragghas also called for the nation to the cross of St George and take pride in being English, and believes very much that St George’s Day offers a unique opportunity for people from all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and celebrate the things that make England great. His 2002 CD England, half English featured a number of songs based on the concept of multi-faith, multi-cultural Englishness. One of my favourites comes from the album’s title track;

“Britannia, she’s half English, she speaks Latin at home. St George was born in the Lebanon, how he got here I don’t know. And those three lions on your shirt. They never sprang from England’s dirt them lions are half English and I’m half English too.”

For more on St George go to http://www.royalsocietyofstgeorge.com/historyofstgeorge.htm

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