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Have a passionate Easter

The BBC Passion drama is being shown again on BBC 4 on Wednesday 8th April 7.30pm-10.20pm. Don’t miss it! There are also some interesting Easter/passion features on the website   rejesus.co.uk . Also on line is the People’s Passion where BBC’s local radio stations invited volunteers to take part in a reading of the Passion story according to the Gospel of St. Mark.

Watch the trailer here:


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The many faces of Jesus

Last week our church had a great session looking at Jesus and the many faces of him depicted in art and cinematography. We were all asked to select our own favourite picture of him and explain why it appealed to us. As I was reflecting on this I found this great website which looks at the many faces of Jesus check it out at http://www.rejesus.co.uk/site/module/faces_of_jesus/

 Simon Jenkins has also  looked at how you sometimes unexpectedly see a picture in the shapes made by clouds, or a face in a pattern of dots? Some people have been taken by surprise by glimpsing the face of Jesus in wood grain, or a snowy field, or shadows. At this site you can look at some of these strange pictures and the stories behind them.

See http://www.rejesus.co.uk/site/module/unexpected_faces/

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The meaning of Jade..making Jesus famous

jade1The dictionary meaning of Jade could well have been drafted for the character of Jade Goodymost of us would have recognised a year or so ago- “a horse, esp. a worn-out, worthless one a loose or disreputable woman a rare a saucy, pert young woman.”  The reality TV star who burst onto our screens as part of Big Brother was branded a racist, stupid, hedonistic young woman who  s outside the Uk.- more hated than loved. The last few months have changed all that as this remarkable young woman, who died early this morning, allowed us all into her journey to death. She made a pending tragedy a  life and hope-filled experience a personal gift to all of us that may just help thousands of others cope with death and loss. Jade led a powerful courageous last few months which have shone with life, love, tears and emotion  and touched the nation and thousands of hearts. Like millions of others, I never met Jade yet through the media thought I knew this 27 year-old woman as well as many members of my own church. Her open and powerful Christian witness took my breath away and hopefully has inspired Christians unsure about discussing  their faith with friends and relatives to share the hope that is in us. The most famous reality TV star of our generation has helped make Jesus famous to a generation who will never encounter him through church, school or any other means. Reality TV plucked Jade from obscurity and made her a star, and that star is  shining bright as a witness for Christ- the person she believes she is now with and the one who will take care of her family.

Why not offer up a prayer on this mother’s day for Jade, the loving mother, for her Christian witness and the two beautiful boys she leaves behind. post your prayer by lighting a candle here: http://www.rejesus.co.uk/site/module/post_a_prayer/

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A way of praying for Jade

jadeI have resisted commenting on Jade Goody on this blog as I think most everything has been said that can be said. It’s a very sad and tragic situation for such a young mother and new wife to face- looking death in face and knowing it’s a physical battle you can’t win. Yet, I came across scores of sites on Facebook today with hundreds of thousands of members all asking for prayer for Jade. The life this young woman has lived in the media spotlight has moved people more than she or we could ever imagine. There are simply too many groups to link to in this post. So, if you are a member of one of these or simply wish to express you love and care for Jade in prayer why not post a prayer  with a candle  at rejesus.co.uk.

To post a prayer following this link http://www.rejesus.co.uk/site/module/post_a_prayer/

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Zodiac Christ

Zodiac Jesus

Zodiac Jesus

Jesus is the model for all kinds of people to look to as they seek to become fully themselves and reach their potential. It could then be said that if we can speak of the star signs as representing different personality types, we can speak of Jesus as possessing the best traits of each. ‘Zodiac Jesus’ explores this each month showing how Jesus embodies the best of each type. See more at http://www.rejesus.co.uk/site/module/zodiac_christ/

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