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I believe in the Holy Spirit….

Christopher PayneLast night I attended the final home group session on the theme of the Holy Spirit. We ended the session with a new poem written by my friend Christopher Payne. I wanted to share  it with you all.

I believe in the Holy Spirit…..

…The breath of God caressing my face upturned in worship or in grief,

The wind of God filling my sails though I tack and turn to resist the divine intention,

The Voice of God whispering in my ear when I would prefer Earth’s tremors or the storm,

The Fire of God refining life’s metallic or until the true self becomes fit for eternity,

The Flame of Gd lighting the lantern for me to hold high as I stumble along,

The Sound as of many waters of refreshment cascading from the Source of the city of God,

The Spring of living water bubbling from my heart in rare moments abandoned to tongues of praise,

The Muse in early morning urging me to write and dance to His tempo,

Holy healing, wholeness and re-creation

Preparing me for the coming day of prayer.

For other posts on Christopher’s Poetry see https://unfinishedchristian.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/stay-close/ & https://unfinishedchristian.wordpress.com/2009/03/17/hold-that-word/


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It started with a kiss

judas_kissTonight I have just returned from a Maundy Thursday church service which took me back to the first last supper when Jesus instituted the meal we now know as Holy Communion or Eucharist.  The meal had its origins in the passover meal instituted in Exodus to commemorate how God spared the children of Israel through the blood of the sacrificial lamb and this is symbolic of the role Jesus as sacrificial Messiah was to play to redeem his people.

Jesus is the central figure of the crucifixion story but the role of Judas is second only to that of Jesus- the passion begins with him. In Wesley Carr’s book Tested by the Cross he writes; ” throughout history Judas has been maligned as the one who betrayed Jesus. Christians have forever damned him..But they rarely, if ever, asked why what Judas did actually mattered. ..He has a vision of what might be and what ought to be. He tries to bring it about. His is an independent mind. When he acts he is effective…As Judas kisses Jesus he draws him to himself. He embraces all that he wishes himself to be and has found he cannot be….Someone always has to bear the impact of our concern with ourselves and our image…..Judas became the damned disciple. “ 

The poet Edwin Muirdidn’t leave Judas there as damned, he imagines  more. He describes a world transformed where the mystery of the hidden order of the universe was disclosed. One secret concerns Judas:

“And Judas damned take his long journey backward from darkness into light and be a child beside his mother’s knee, and the betrayal be quite undone and never more be done.”

Carr suggests that instead of Muir going back to the Garden of Gethsemane to undo his evil deed and claim forgiveness or repentance, the poet takes us with Judas all the way back to his mother’s knee . “We discover that when Judas is forgiven for betraying Jesus, whatever went wrong in his past before that moment is also reordered, all the wrongs prior to the betrayal are dealth with… all his life has changed…we can be changed.”

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Stay Close

Another poem to share with you from Christopher Payne.

I don’t know how it works, Lord, but I’m here with a petition;

I don’t know how it works, Lord, but I’m here to make a prayer

For a loved one with a problem. For a friend in bad condition.

For a soldier who is dying, please be there.


I don’t know if you hear me when I’m pouring out my heart, Lord;

I don’t know if your Heaven reaches here,

But I’m here to take a gamble that I really cannot lose

And I’m ready to take action; please be near.


Will you hear the prayer I offer, if it really is a prayer?

I believe, please help my trembling unbelief;

Will you give the strength I need, Lord, give me faith where faith falls short?

Stay close by me. Do not leave me in my grief.


For more on poetry from Christopher Payne see http://www.christopherpaynepoetry.net/

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Broken Open

The more I watch this lovely poem from Jude Simpson the more it  moves me. Does this say anything to you about Jesus the bringer of hope?  See also http://www.hopeinfo.co.uk/

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Hold that word

Another poem from my friend Christopher Payne:


Hold that word

That almost escaped,

Pursue the echo.


Hold that place

Where words have failed

On the tip of your tongue.


Hold that thought

Of almost inspiration.

Where emptiness intrudes.


Hold that poem

At the moment of waking,

Before the white-wash of day.


Hold that prayer

Suspended over the world,

And feel Him speak.

For more on Christopher’s poetry see http://www.christopherpaynepoetry.net/

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Poetry Please

christopher-payneLast week I was given a collection of poems by Christopher Payne, who began writing poetry on his 60th birthday. Over the next few weeks I will post some of the poems from Chris that have touched me particularly. The first I want to share with you is this one- Paradox:

Welcome to the kingdom
Where poor are blessed
Where last are first
Where death can be victory
Where separation brings closeness.

Welcome to the garden
Where lamb and lion wander
Where mist brings fruit
Where days grow cool
His voice is heard.

Welcome to the city
Where the architect is the design
Where the leaves of the avenue are for healing
Where the river is the source
Where the light is the way.

For more on Poetry from Christopher see: http://www.christopherpaynepoetry.net/

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