Challenging Times

Thanks to Nick Fawcett for this prayer which sums up something of how I am feeling this week:

“Gracious God, when life is testing and your purpose is hard to fathom, help me to remember that you are able to see me through. When I feel overwhelmed by the challenge before me, yet so nowhere and no one to turn to, remind me to reach out to you, knowing that whenever I need you, you will be there. Teach me that with you, no situation is beyond hope, and that no darkness can ever fully extinguish the light, and in that confidence may I walk each day in faith, to the glory of your name. Amen.”



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2 responses to “Challenging Times

  1. Hi…just wanted to stop by and say GREAT site!
    Many blessings!

  2. Great info and very true. Prayer is very important to keep the faith and know that nothing is impossible with God. We just need to speak with Him and build a stronger relationship with Him each day.

    We are a Christian blog dedicated to Christians all over the word. We are building a social network for Christians also that is free to join and will be a blessing for all Christians to connect, meet new people, and learn and grow in faith.

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