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uncomfortable questions

Last night I was at an event which was about getting to know a group of people- some familiar faces and some new. Isn’t it amazing how we go through the same old questions to try to elicit answers that will help us form impressions about people ?One person I spoke to made it clear that money and status was important ot him; for another it was about impact on society; yet another just being happy. On the train back I was reading Tony Miles’ book Maybe Today and I came across a number of questions:

What will people  say about you at your funeral? Are you happy with what you think people will say about you? When you meet Jesus face to face, what will HE say about you? Are you concerned enough about that last question?

The first challenge is trying not to get too depressed about the question, and the next is trying to live each day as an opportunity to share something on God’s love to those we come into contact with- regularly or casually. . Let’s try to keep our eyes and ears open and not just directed heavenwards, but be aware of every situation where it is possible for us to make a difference and show something of God’s unconditional love. On the way back from the event I was with a group of people who were feeling good about how it all went as they headed off the the pub for a well earned drink or two. I’m not sure they spotted the homeless guy outside though, or even saw him as someone who could do with a but of love and attention from us. Will anybody be there to say something about him at his funeral?



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More unfinisheds than I realised

I wondered if I’d be the only one out in blog land to describe myself as an unfinished Christian – how wrong could I be. I came across the blog of Rev Dr John Montgomery from Canada. John’s passion is to encourage people to ask and live the question of faith and accept that there are different ways to be a Christian- Amen to that!

John writes “I see the journey of faith as a pilgrimage that needs to be walked daily no matter where it will take you.”

Does two of us constitute a movement and should I start to have T-shirts made up?

Read about John’s journey at http://www.peopleoftheway.blogspot.com/

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