Emerging- a Pilsdon Diary

EmergingYesterday I finished a very direct and emotive book Emerging  by Nigel Capon who spent some months as a part of  Pilson a Christian Community based in Dorset which provides care and support for those who seek respite from the stresses of everyday life. In  the diary of his time there, former mental-health therapist, Nigel writes about his emergence from an abyss, rebirth and his experience of Pilson’s healing touch. He explores the effects of the illness from which he suffered, the difficulties and fun of community life, and his ability to help develop music there. It is a raw, unexpigated and very distressing book that gives a direct glimpse into the stresses and strains of someone struggling with self-esteem and mental health issues. It is not a story with a neat or happy ending- Nigel continues to struggle with his demons, but this entry from the diary gives some insight into the journey he is on:

” Writing all this down, is helping me to see some light at the end of a very dark tunnel- it is also, I believe. something to do with the fact that I am having the courage to open myself up…and in doing so, finding the real me- a rebirth. What i am finding so helpful..is the fact that I am accepted totally, without judgements, without criticism, for who I am- accepted with warts and all. Also, another statement which brought me to tears nearly, and which made me feel so good, was Mary saying to me that she was glad that I was here at Pilsdon-if that isn’t a healing statement, then I don’t know what is.”

Thank God for people like Peter and Mary and all the Wardens  and teams based in  other Christian communities who reach out in Christian love to the broken, the distressed, the needy and the damaged. To the people who seek to be Christ to them.

To order your copy of Emerging see http://www.cottercairns.co.uk/CP_cat.asp


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