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Facts and Figures

Not so much a blog entry but some facts and figures for you to reflect on and pray about in terms of the impact on our society:

2008 FIFA Football manager was cited in 35 divorce cases in the Uk; Last year on average we  watched 15,330 TV ads; 60% of the world’s  population own a mobile phone; 79% of kids in the Uk have a TV in their own room; 175 million people have their own Facebook profile; 13 hours of new video is uploaded to You Tube each minute; on average we watch over 26 hours of TV a week; 70% of over 65s have never been online; 7.4 million games console were sold in the UK last year.

and……Sunday morning is the most popular time to view internet pornography- and I thought people were shopping!


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A godless society?

What are the consequences of a society operating outside acknowledging the guidance and direction of God? In yesterdays BBC Radio 4 lent talk Frank Field MP reflected on a society that chooses to root its moral behaviour apart from God.  The MP bemoans the failures of modern Britain in losing God and thethe rhythm of life that the Christian faith gives us. He feels specifically that lent reminds us of another stage in the year and in our lives when we can reflect on the need to take stock and make new beginnings- to rediscover  the purpose of our being. Field looks at how the moral and ethic framework of Christianity has been secularised- the service ethic without the dogma, just another  way of achieving the best in ourselves without being beholden to God. He talks about the complex reasons behind society fallingout of love with the christian highway code guiding our lives, and moving more towards individual freedoms and choices outside the influence of a religious framework- church and Christianity became  irrelevant  to so many in our society. Frank calls us to look across what religions offer to help society to develop a new social highway code backed by contracts which impact on many areas of our lives including parenting and social services.  “lent has a real role to play and we need to stir up a passion again in all of us  to help us become  first class citizens again.”

Listen to the full talk at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00jd6xx

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