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Children…does God make mistakes?

In this week’s Radio 4 Lent broadcast Sister Frances Dominicatalks movingly and sensitively about her work with the children’s hospice- Helen House of which she is a trustee and founder. She doesn’t have much truck with religion, but sees church as an expressions of her need, and essential to her relationship with God. She sees God as allowing suffering in ways we cannot understand or explain, and accepts there are aspects of childhood suffering she finds unfair, yet knows deep in her souls that  there is no evil out of which good cannot be brought. “Not in our time but in eternity all will be well, we have the questions but only God has the answers.”

Sister Frances talks about how she sees miracles daily as people who don’t have the comfort of faith react in amazing ways when faced with worst imaginable tragedies,  discovering  reserves of strengths they never believe they had.

Sister Frances adds; “God hasn’t left any situation however tragic it seems- I can’t get my head around it but often  say to parents I don’t know, I don’t understand. I have  fewer answers to the big questions than I had 20- 30 years ago , but I know this  ago doesn’t spell  the absence of God. My faith has moved from my head to go deeper into the gut, not tangible in any way I can  reason or feel it but it is the very ground of my being and I thank God for that.”

What an amazing women and what amazing work our hospices do.

Six more days to listen to the broadcast from today here at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00j4hk6/Lent_Talks_Does_God_Make_Mistakes/


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