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Court is no place for toys

teddy-and-dollYesterday I turned on the TV news to find that a child of four years old had given evidence in court that led to the conviction of a man who had raped her when she was only two. She gave her evidence via a remote link and used a teddy bear and a doll to illustrate how she was violated by a man also linked to the tragic case of murdered Baby Peter earlier this year. Now much will be written about the failure of social service to spot this kind of treatment of vulnerable children in their care, but I am not blogging about that aspect today. I want to ask God in a sort of open prayer through this blog entry-  why are people wired like this?  What is our God constructed DND causes  anybody to  desire sex with children, and particularly babies. These kids should be enjoying their time playing with friends and toys, not using them to illustrate vile deed done to their person. In the Bible God requires that vulnerable people should be given support by the society in which they live (individuals and institutions), and Jesus applauds child-like innocence and playfulness. So why do such depraved people live within our human skin who prey or young people in this way? I know theologically with my head that God would be present in this situation with the young child who was suffering, but how would she  know that? Could she feel his presence, or just to pain and hurt of what was being done to her?

A few weeks ago at Easter we read about Jesus feeling that God has deserted him at Golgotha as he endured the taunts of the people to come down from the cross and save himself. He came down from the cross in death and triumphed over that death through resurrection, but sometimes we need to feel him more directly and purposefully when we hear news  like this. This is not a natural disaster such as a tsunami ,earthquake or pandemic or the act of a fundamentalist or politically motivated terrorist; it is one human setting out to do willful harm to a vulnerable child for personal  gratification. And yet my God calls me to see his spirit in them both. Today this is a big ask, and sitting here in my anger and confusion  I hand this situation back to you God in this open prayer to ask why, what are you going to do about it, and why did you wire him (and I guess thousands of others) like that?


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Love and Mercy -prayer of the week



Unlikely as it sounds, my prayer of the week comes from the pen of former Beach Boy Brian Wilson who penned this classic when supposedly getting spiritual after downing a bottle of Champagne. It’s the song Love and Mercy which I discovered after hearing it performed by the angelic and sensational Libera– a fresh expression of choristers from South-East London. So, what do think, corny or profound?

Whatever you decide love and mercy to you and your friends tonight.

Love and mercy

I was sitting in a crummy movie with my hands on my chin
all the violence that occurs seems like we never win
Oh, love and mercy are what you need tonight
Love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

I was lying in my room and the news came on TV
there’s a lot of people out there hurting and it really scares me
Oh, love and mercy are what you need tonight
Love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

I was standing in a bar and watching all the people there
all the loneliness in this world – it’s just not fair
Oh, love and mercy are what you need tonight
Love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

Hear a sample of Libera’s performance of this and other music  at


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