Michael Jackson- the man in the mirror

I awoke today with the shocking news that Michael Jacksonhas died suddenly. The news will stun millions of his fans and is one of those  moments in music culture similar to that of the death of Elvis, John Lennon or Buddy Holly. Jackson was loved by millions and worried just as many more with his strange person life, but there is no doubt that he had a heart for others and wanted to heal the world and make a difference. The world loved Jackson but many were uncertain of his motives and lavish lifestyle which seemed at odds with some of the values of hope, trust, love and togetherness that he often wrote and sung about. I’m not sure any of us really understood “the man in mirror” who never got the chance to say his last musical farewell to the people of London. His music and legend will live of  so let us today not focus on his eccentricities but let the genius of his music do the talking. Michael wanted his music to evoke these images and get us to change and understand how child-like qualities could really heal the world::

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