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Can’t see the woods for the trees

London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson has made a commitment to plant 10,000 street trees in the areas where they will most help to improve peoples’ quality of life. Around 1.75 million Londoners live in areas which are further than 1K from an area of space containing nature or wildlife. Around 40 such locations have already been identified and Mayor Johnson has set up a webpage where Londoners can make a request for a tree to be planted in their street see www.london.gov.uk/streettrees . Boris says of the scheme; “I am urging people …to ask for a tree online so we can help to plant trees where people most need them.” The scheme is managed by the Forestry Commission, working in partnership with environmental charity Groundwork.

The new trees planted in my area provide a welcome service for local dogs, but don’t last very long in our neighbourhood where youths tend to pull them up. This happens because of the lack of a regular police or PSO presence. I wonder if Mayor Johnson will be putting as many new police officers as trees on our streets. In the meantime enjoy someone whose tree planting is something more than a political photo opportunity.


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