Is there time to enjoy the silence and plunge into the deep end?

A month or so ago I picked up a book that I though would help me get closer to God. It’s only127 pages long but I haven’t read it yet. The book is called Enjoy the silence- a 30 day experiment in listening to God by Maggie and Duffy Robins. The book is all about a pretty cool spiritual practice called lectio divina (divine reading) that has helped Christians over the centuries develop an awareness of God’s presence and power found in the Bible. The book’s blurb says; “If you feel like you’ve been reading the Bible in the shallow end, it’s time to scale the high dive and get ready to plunge headlong into the deep experience of God’s Word.”

Now all I need to do is create the space and time for God to speak to me in a quiet place away from the stress, distraction and noise of the world. Maybe the book remains unopened not because I’m finding it difficult to make that quiet place to be with God, but because I fear the consequence of a conversation which could take me further, deeper and turn my life upside down?


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One response to “Is there time to enjoy the silence and plunge into the deep end?

  1. Lectio divino is a fantastic exercise. I read about a few times, but it didn’t really grab me, ’till I came across a description in “Contemplative Youth Ministry” by Mark Yaconelli. It was described in a very accessible and easy to follow way, and is superb way of turning priorities and focus upside-down, both as an individual and as a group. You sort up end up sitting on God’s lap being still, if that makes sense?

    The other spiritual exercise I find helpful is the awareness examen. Also described in CYM, but perhaps more helpfully in a very short book called “Sleeping with bread” (by Dennis Linn et al).

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