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I believe in the Holy Spirit….

Christopher PayneLast night I attended the final home group session on the theme of the Holy Spirit. We ended the session with a new poem written by my friend Christopher Payne. I wanted to share  it with you all.

I believe in the Holy Spirit…..

…The breath of God caressing my face upturned in worship or in grief,

The wind of God filling my sails though I tack and turn to resist the divine intention,

The Voice of God whispering in my ear when I would prefer Earth’s tremors or the storm,

The Fire of God refining life’s metallic or until the true self becomes fit for eternity,

The Flame of Gd lighting the lantern for me to hold high as I stumble along,

The Sound as of many waters of refreshment cascading from the Source of the city of God,

The Spring of living water bubbling from my heart in rare moments abandoned to tongues of praise,

The Muse in early morning urging me to write and dance to His tempo,

Holy healing, wholeness and re-creation

Preparing me for the coming day of prayer.

For other posts on Christopher’s Poetry see https://unfinishedchristian.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/stay-close/ & https://unfinishedchristian.wordpress.com/2009/03/17/hold-that-word/


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