Like a speeding bullet or a plane…honest to God

Superman_1I thank Nick Fawcett and his wonderful Daily Prayer book for the thought and prayer I’d like to share with you today. I work in a profession that some would say is responsible for “spinning” the facts or presenting the ‘best-face”‘of an organisation or individuals. I try to approach my job with integrity, whatever the pressures, but I sometimes come  across people who struggle to be authentic. They  have set themselves up with an image that they need to keep projecting until eventually it’s  the only thing that is left. The real person has been swallowed up by the ego- Clark Kent can no longer be seen in Superman(or woman).

The Bible continually reminds us that it’s useless to be anything other than honest with God. He knows the number of very hairs on our head,  and if we do things for the Kingdom or for our own reward and gratification. A good relationship with God should make us happy to look in the mirror and  see reflected from the inside out exactly who we are, and see  how much we can do because of him and not us. The only superman (or woman)  about us is through Him who hands out  and allows us to have the cape and special powers.

 As Nick writes; “We may think we are being straight with him, but are we really? The image we have of ourselves is one thing; what God sees may be quite another. In what ways do you put on a mask ..are you sometimes less than honest with God?” If this strikes a chord join with me today as we say together:

Loving God you know me inside out down to the last detail. You see me not as I would like to be, nor as I pretend to be, but as I am: the good and the bad, the faithful, the faithful and the unfaithful, the lovely and the unlovely. With you, there can be no deception, no hiding behind a public face, and yet still you love me, despite all my faults.

Living God, remembering the truth, help me to be honest with you: confessing my faults, acknowledging my weaknesses and seeking your grace. Through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen

Try showing your Clark Kent side for the next few weeks- don’t worry about the cape and special powers- God will provide!


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