You passed on truly. That was your word!

When I first watched the film Truly Madly Deeply by director and writer Anthony Minghella, I was blown away by its sensitive depiction of the collision of love, grief , loss and longing. Nina (The character played by Juliet Stevenson) has lost her lover Jamie (Alan Rickman) to an untimely and unexpected death and she finds it difficult to let go and move on with her life. Jamie  returns to help shepherd her out of the grief and encourages her to  find love again.

This playful scene depicts the morning after the first night of Jamie’s return. I watched it over and over again when I got the DVD, it has an innocent yet intimate charm about it. It’s playful, joyful and yet we know this joy cannot last. It makes me thing of how Mary felt at the tomb and, (this Ascension day ) the joy she and the disciples shared when their risen Lord appeared to them. How must they have felt when having him back he told them once more he must leave and they would have to find their own way?


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