A politician’s prayer for troubled times

pigsFor the past few weeks our trust in politicians has been rocked by daily revelations about over-claiming expenses or second and even third home allowances. A profession that has been for too long merely tolerated by the people rather than truly loved or trusted now finds it’s reputation at rock bottom.

How ironic then that inthe book of prayers bought for me by my daughter this week, I find a prayer chosen by a former politician that sums up the situation. Margaret Thatcher selected the following prayer which she thought seemed “appropriate to politics”.

Thou, O Lord, that stillest the ranging of the sea, hear us, hear us, and save us, that we perish not.”

Somehow I think  a few politicians will need more than a lifeboat to keep them from perishing at next year’s General Election. Perhaps Billy Bragg will get his great leap forwards after all .

See https://unfinishedchristian.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/waiting-for-the-great-leap-forwards/


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One response to “A politician’s prayer for troubled times

  1. tituschristworld

    Thanks for the good work because I was born in politics, grew up in politics and lives by politics.

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