Invitation to the big lunch

big lunchPhew!! I’ve just got back from inviting every person who lives in my street to join a Facebook site I have set up for the Road. The folks have  also been asked if they are interested in helping host a street party on July 19th as part of  The Big Lunch see  .

It seems this is a great initiative for which Christians can help to take a lead role if we want to  live out one of the core teachings  of Jesus- loving our neighbours as ourselves. What better way to show this than be serving each other and getting road the table and sharing a large community meal. On July 19th let’s hope we see a mass exodus of the church leaving the building and serving up lunch in the street.

As one of my friends would say when saying grace; “Lord bless this bunch as they munch this lunch.”



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3 responses to “Invitation to the big lunch

  1. Raindance.TV

    Saw you were writing about the The Big Lunch and thought you might be interested in a competition we’re running ahead of the day itself. I am from Raindance, the organisation that promotes independent film and runs the Raindance Film Festival — we’re inviting people to make a film about the Big Lunch and offering two £1000 prizes for the best. There’s still time to enter the competition if it’s of interest. Full details are at

  2. Raindance.TV

    Due to unprecedented demand to enter The Big Lunch Short Film Competition, some filmmakers have been requesting a bit more time to complete their films. We’re pleased to announce that we can extend the competition deadline until midnight Sunday 5 July. Competition details at

  3. Raindance.TV

    Hi, I recently wrote to you about The Big Lunch Short Film Competition. Entries have closed but check out our fab finalists – the one with the most views on YouTube wins 1k!

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