Our heart on our sleeve

jesus-tattooI saw a guy on the tube today sporting a tattoo down the inside of this left arm. The tattoo read, ‘I am immortal and I want you to feel the same’-bold stuff!  The trouble is that the guy looked really miserable and anything but immortal. As the advertising adage goes- ‘it didn’t do what it said on the tin’. This made me think about how well I was showing  in my approach to life the confidence that Christ has placed within me. I don’t expect it’s possible to look permanently joyful (if fact that would probably appear slightly creepy) but are we a convincing advertisement for the life transforming power of the message of Jesus? I know a few miserable Christians who seem to lack confidence or the reflection of Christ.

I continue to be an unfinished Christian, a work in progress. I won’t be getting a tattoojust yet but I hope I will be able to show something more of the heart of Christ on my sleeve and hat it will be noticed. I hope I can honour God and show that the immortality I have is not just a statement of personal pride or achievement, bt a God given gift that anyone can obtain just through belief and trust. Pray for me and for those I meet who are looking to walk the streets of heaven but don’t even know it yet!


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  1. You may not be ready for a tattoo, but you can grab something more temporary (and more attractive) at our site – http://www.divinitymma.com. Wear your faith on your chest and echo in your clothes what you feel in your Heart!

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