So macho

Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph reported that male worshippers like to sing “proper macho songs” in church and feel uncomfortable with hugging, holding hands or sitting in circles discussing their feelings, according to a survey on behalf of Sorted magazine. 72% of the 400 UK readers of Sorted  who responded to the survey, preferred the sermon as their favourite part of the service: no surprise there it’s usually about telling people what to do or  how to think.

I realise that  that research suggests that when men come to faith they tend to have a stronger influence than women  on other family members joining them, but I am not sure what churches are expected to do about the findings of this survey. I know Jesus knocked around with 12 blokes but he was also very counter-cultural in terms of his relationships with women, and for me,  Christians  more than almost any other groups should be trying to encourage mean to be a little more vulnerable and demonstrative in their relationships with fellow believers without putting at risk their masculinity.

I know plenty of men who love the worship songs of Rita Springer which leads us into a more intimate and dare I say less macho relationship with God and each other so I thought I share a video of one of Rita’s best known songs with you her. Fellas, if the actions put you off just think of Jackie Chan and thumb through your Bloke’s Bible.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I think this whole macho thing is a major block to guys’ relationships with God. If you can’t stop swaggering for a moment and abandon yourself to the beauty of grace then houston we have a problem. Yes you can kick ass when necessary for the Kingdom but you also need to balance that with being able to be vulnerable and feel weak sometimes (his strength is made strong in weakness) and neither of those are gender specific.

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