Too good, Too bad, Too late, Too soon

how-to-save-a-lifeYesterday I read a fine new book by Krish and Miriam Kandiah called How to Save a Life. It’s a brief 54 page guide to becoming a Christian and it contains some explosive stuff. As the blurb says – “No punches, no hiding the small print, no beating around the bush. Plain and simple how somebody can become a Christian and what it all means.”It’s part of Authentic’s exploring Christianity series but it goes way beyond that: Krish and Miriam’s little gem  starts off with the dramatic story of Tamaz saving the  life  of Krish Kandiah under gunfire in Georgia, and picks up five years later when he committed his life to Christ. Like Mark’s gospel the book has a pace and energy about it focused on introducing the reader to the importance of Jesus and his sacrifice, and has no time for those who get in the way. The book takes as its structure four excuses- I’m too good; I’m too bad; It’s too late; it’s too soon and unpicks and blows away each one of them in an engaging, honest and direct style. Kandiah’s harshest words, like Christ’s, are reserved for the religious establishment when they get in the way of people understanding the truth of the gospel- also a theme of this blog from time to time:

” The  hypocrisy of religion is not attractive. In the name of religion wars have been waged, ethnic cleansing has taken place and child abuse has been covered up….Jesus had no time for empty religion, for the thin veneer of turning up to religious services, wearing the right clothes, and reading the right books when underneath there are hidden motives, self-serving agendas, and cold rotten hearts. He wants to get to the heart of the issue. So Jesus was no friend of religion- not if religion meant using God’s name as an excuse to exploit people and initiate regulations or as a mascot for nationalistic pride. Jesus was no friend of the religious- he did not spend all his time in the temple or with the good, the rich and the famous, but in the homes of the underclass of society. He ate and drank wit politically unacceptable Roman collaborators, morally unacceptable prostitutes, physically unacceptable lepers and ethnically unacceptable Samarians. Jesus welcomed their friendship and hospitality and showed them unconditional respect and compassion. Jesus taught that becoming a Christian was not about becoming religious, nor confirming to an empty set of rituals and regulations, but becoming like him.”

Now back to the excuses, still too good, too bad, too late or too soon?

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