This is the word of the Lord…thanks be to The Times

thetimesI get The Timeseach Saturday, but due to a very busy day yesterday, I didn’t get chance to read it until this morning. Imagine my surprise when I opened the Saturday review section and page after page was full of faith issue material. The front page  and page 2 was a feature on  ‘Spread the word, God is Back’. Page 5 contained a tour of European sites featured in the  film Angels and Demons based on Dan Brown’s book. Page 7 the visual arts column features Alan Frank’s reporting on Sister Wendy’s search for the icons of the virgin Mary. The book of the week on page 9 was ‘Blood and Mistletoe:The history of the druids in Britain’(ok this may be stretching a point!), and Christian J.R.R. Tolkein’s The legend Sigurd and Gudrun is reviewed in the fiction section on page 11 (mentioning the faith of C.S Lewis in passing) ,alongside a smallish write up under audio book of Nick Warburton’s ‘Five Plays from the Gospel of St Luke’. Even the crossword got in on the theme with  49 down (5) “Second verse that’s in Exodus for example.” and 23 across (23) “Devout pronouncement for religious leader.” Answers to these clues in your comments please! I didn’t find God in the Su Doku, but wait, if you divide 27 by 3 and then add…….

Oh, and the main section of the Times- well there’s usually a credo column and register feature , but also on page 47 under the World section, we had a report on the real Garden of Eden in East Africa- mentioning along the way the discoveries of Noah’s Ark, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the tombs of Jesus and Mary Magdalene!

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