Maybe today…buy it today

maybetodaycoverloWhen I began this blog one of the first people to link to it was Tony Miles the media chaplain and broadcaster based at Methodist Central Hall in central London. Earlier this week I got hold of a copy of Tony’s new book Maybe Today which is a collection of 70 days of  reflections which help the reader to unlock the secrets of how to live a more authentically Christlike life. It provides a gentle- and often homorous- daily nudge that encourages us to examine our actions, even the very smallest. It’s pressure free and Tony ,typically for him, choses to live and struggle with his readers whilst also encouraging and inspiring us to hope for more.

The book comes with endorsements from Diane Louise Jordon, Andrew Graystone, Andy Frost, Peter Kerridge and others and it really is a great read from one of the most optimistic and positive Christians I know. Whenever I see Tony he always gives me a lift and makes me smile and I know he had provided invaluable pastoral support and direction for others.  Maybe Today is divided into sections covering themes such as God’s mysterious presence; the pace of life, breaking bad habits and learning to live God’s way and each brief reflection includes a prayer, suggested bible passage and an action for maybe today. Over the next 70 days Maybe today will be my companion and I am looking forward to walking with Tony and discovering more  about myself, God and why Tony remains so cheerful as we walk together. I’ll leave the last word with Diane Louise Jordon from the foreword:

I highly commend Tony and I highly recommend Maybe Today. It reminds me of an advent crown stacked with goodies you want to devour in one go but know you’ll get more benefit from savouring one succulent bit-size a day. So if you’re looking for a regular injection of spiritual nourishment in a practical, engaging and contemporary way then this is the book for you. Oh by the way, just in case I’ve not made myself clear, I really love this book!”

When will I start it- Maybe Today!

Read more of Tony’s musings at


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