Closed minds

The other day I was discussing an issue with a friend of mind and try as I might, I couldn’t get him to see my point of view at all. I think this is commonly known as “agreeing to differ”- each of us believed passionately that our own position was so right we tried to convince the other to adopt it. We both had closed our minds on the issue and left no room for manoeuvre. Once again Nick Fawcett’s Daily Prayer came to my rescue. Nick writes:

“Gracious God, you speak to me in all kinds of ways, through all kinds of people- forgive me that I am sometimes closed to what you have to say. I avoid that which challenges, disturbs or unsettles me, preferring to criticise and condemn rather than face the issues raised. Forgive me that I shut my ears to what I don’t agree with, rather than listen to another point of view; that I am reluctant to accept new and unfamiliar ideas, taking refuge instead in what is tried and tested. Forgive me that I can become so bogged down in what I think is right, so sure of my own convictions and set in my ways that I resent anything new. Open my heart to the living reality of Christ, my mind to the sweeping breath of your Holy Spirit, and my soul to all that you would do and say; and so help me truly to live as one of your people….. God of all, break though the barriers that shut my mind fast, and help me to see things both as they really are and as you can help them become. Move within me, in the name of Christ. Amen.”


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