….and Jesus’ message of peace

benhurliveStep back 2,000 years and experience the spectacular production of BEN HUR LIVEat the O2 Arena!  That’s what the advertising says. BEN HUR LIVE brings to life the love story of Judah and the beautiful slave girl Esther, set in the time of Christ. The show is based on the story by Lew Wallace and leads the audience on an awe-inspiring and fantastic journey through deserts, on high seas, into the hectic crowds of an Arabian bazaar, all produced on a huge scale with breathtaking action and amazing effects including the legendary chariot race, an incredible sea battle, and extraordinary daring stunts.

The publicity is fantastic and the posters talk of the legendary Chariot race, a dramatic love story, a sea battle, gladiators…..and Jesus’ message of peace. Now I am sure this show will be quite a spectacle and thrilling for audiences to watch but it’s a little annoying to see Jesus’ message of peace get co-billing alongside a dramatic love story, sea battles and gladiators. The  real story of Ben Hur which the author himself  subtitled as A Tale of the Christ is the power of the love and message of Christ to transform the lives of people. It has been this love which has changed individuals and nations down the ages and it is this unconditional  love which people of today need to hear about- never mind the chariots.

But people going to the O2 for entertainment may encounter miraclesLet’s hope people come away from the show talking as much about Jesus than the set, the animals and the chariots


BEN HUR LIVE premiers at The O2 arena on 15th September 2009. For more information see http://www.benhurlive.com/


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