Being there is priceless

The National Secular Societyhas called for public funding of hospital chaplains to be phased out, saying it costs the NHS at least £40m pounds a year. I don’t know how much that works out for every person that passes through the door of every hospital, or even every patient or family member that the chaplain see, but I do know that this is work which it is hard to put a price on. How much is is worth to a family to sit alongside a grieving parent or child? What should it cost to listen to someone on their deathbed who wants to get themselves right with God or be prayed with? What is the value of bringing peace to someone who has been mentally or physically traumatised?

Sister Phaedra Pamphilon-Green – a chaplain at Homerton Hospital in east London – believes her work provides a valuable and unique service to patients. BBC Radio 4 Today Programme reporter Angus Stickler spent a day with her, which began at a funeral service for a still born baby girl.

See for yourself what happened and why just being there is priceless


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