All the small things

all-the-small-thingsHere’s a thing. What about  a story of a person who has gathered around them the rejected, unlovely and unloved and is building up their confidence and self esteem by showing them love, acceptance and inspiring them to do great things. The person is even helping them come to terms with past hurts and challenging them to move on and be healed from their insecurities by taking risks. At the same time this person in being enabled by a man of God to re imagine what church and heaven looks like and how it is possible to make a difference to the local community through the church building. The religious establishment are furious and seem unable to cope with the challenge of these random acts of kindness. You could be forgiven for thinking this was the story of Jesus or the early apostles but it isn’t. It’s a newish BBC One uplifting musical serial drama  from Debbie Horsfield called All the small things staring Sara Lancashire ,Neil Pearson Sarah Alexander and Richard Fleeshman. It’s an allegory (maybe not even intentional) of the christian faith and gospel of unconditional love and forgiveness. It’s full of surprises and transformations and handled the subjects of prejudice, disappointment, love and hope very well.  I think this should be required viewing for every member of the clergy and Christians who want to reach out to their communities with the unconditional love of Christ- we could all learn a lot from Esther Caddick and Jake the charismatic young curate who wants to make the church the hub of the community for those people who would not normally darken its doors. Watch the latest episode on BBCi player at the link below and ask your minister and congregation to do the same- it’s in all the small things- like acts of random kindness and bei9ng there for people who need us,- that we make the difference that transforms lives and this drama helps get to the heart and soul of what real faith is about.


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