The sound of silence

Yesterday I went to a worship evening and the weirdest thing happened. I have been experiencing a feeling of unsettling calling on my life for quite a while now:it feels like God is stirring me up to do something- although the something is not quite clear yet. In the middle of all this unsettled feeling, imagine my surprise when the scripture chosen by the worship leader was the very one that I had chosen to be read at my baptism many years ago when I publicly declared My Christian faith. In my testimony I talked about I Kings 19:11-16. It’s the story of Elijah running scared and God meeting him in an encounter at Horeb. God warns Elijah that he will pass by but he came not in the great wind or the earthquake or the fire mighty as they were but in “the sound of sheer silence”. God then instructs Elijah to go back the way he came. I mentioned that I knew God had taken care of me since being a child and that he tended to express his love and comfort for me not in dramatic acts but in the sheer silence of my own head. This silence is something powerful that cuts through the noise of daily life and work- it stands out. I haven’t yet figured out what God is asking when he presents this scripture to me again in this way. Am I to return to the love his has shown me since a babe; to my hometown; to my former church or will it be something completely different? All I know is that the power is in the sound of silence, and to symbolise that I share with you Paul Simon’s beautiful song.


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  1. Good post–I’ll pray that you receive a clear direction soon.

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