Living with doubt

Over the past few days I have spending time with some great people. These are people who put God first in their lives and take risks for the Gospel. These are people who have sold property,uprooted families and moved them 100s of miles to new locations; these are people who love those on the margins of society; they given up jobs and taken salary cuts to serve Jesus. At times the work has been tough as they serve God in evangelism and mission- it has not all been plain sailing. Some of the people I have spoken to have been exhausted, let down, disappointed and many have had doubts. I opened my Daily Prayer book from Nick  Fawcett and this was today’s entry and it is my prayer for my friends this week:

“Gracious God, I come today confessing my faith, yet acknowledging also my doubt- the many things I don’t understand, the statements of faith that don’t make sense, the events of life that seem to contradict everything I believe about you. There are times when I am sure what I believe and times when I am uncertain. Give me sufficient trust in you to acknowledge all my questions openly, and sufficient humility to offer each of you honestly in prayer. Save me from taking refuge is hollow words or empty ritual, but teach me rather to face the challenges life brings and to work through my faith in the light of them. Having been tested, may my faith grow stronger, able to face all and still to stand. Through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.”


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