The spirit of revelation

Today I was with a group of Evangelists who were challenged and inspired by some words from Jackie Pullinger. So often we are so locked into our own experience of the Christian faith that we fail to see that others simply do not see Jesus in the way we do. It’s as if when Jesus was on earth they wouldn’t be part of the crowd reaching out to him for healing or inspiration, he would have simply passed them by before they even realised it. Most of our evangelism and mission strategy is trying to persuade people to get to a place where we think they need to be, but it is a place they can’t even envisage. Meeting Jesus can only come from revelation not logic and they need to see the end from the beginning.  He needs to reveal himself to them otherwise it relies on our words and descriptions which are imperfect and flawed. Vision isn’t something we construct, it is something God knows and lets us glimpse. The miracle is that by having the right word or deed for the right person at the right time, God can touch people with a sense of his presence and work his miracle of transformation. We need to be results hopeful not results oriented and we need to keep faithful to God’s spirit of revelation and pray that through the work and power fo the Holy Spirit that more people will catch this revelation. As Jackie said; “People will only learn the good bits of God’s story if they see something in us that is different, or churches often take too long to get to the good bit.” May we help more people get to the good bit before they miss it altogether.

“I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know him.”  Ephesians 1:17


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One response to “The spirit of revelation

  1. fireball3316

    thats cool – it challenges us to be walking with God and demonstrating his love and grace and his presence in our everyday life so that people come to know God and are drawn to him. i have a friend who prays often, and now i do too (i pinched it from her!) that Jesus would be revealed in her. thanks for the great post, blessings, fireball

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