What does good news look like?

Last week I was sharing something of my spiritual restlessness with a friend over lunch. You may well have had the feeling yourself, God stirring up things inside you, thoughts, images and plans that seem to be affirmed by others who say things to you lie; “Would it be good if you did this….or, “We could really do with something like this round here..”Well, over lunch, I was sharing some of the things that I thought God was doing to help complete my unfinished Christian walk, when my friend chipped in with a number of profound questions which stopped me in my tracks.  He asked:

  • How will you know what it takes to lose the sense of restlessness you are feeling?
  • What will the good news of the gospel look like for those to whom you feel called to work?
  • Why do you think God is calling you and not others to this task?

I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have a friend asking these questions and gradually helping me to draw from them something of God’s purpose, rather than anything of self or personal ambition. I began to realise that for the past couple of years I had been looking for a pillar of cloud or fire to help direct my path- the specific and defined answers from God to my heart searching. Last week’s conversation encouraged my to continue to rely prayerfully on God’s leading, and the prompting of others but to start by describing what my sense of calling will mean for other people, for they, not me, are the most important factor in this and I need to spend some time in prayer and reflection working out and imagining what Christ’s good news will look like for them.  Praise God for the advice of honest friends and as T.S Eliot said; “Oh, my soul….be prepared for him who knows how to ask questions.”

Lord Jesus Christ, my the good news of the message of your gospel continue to stir in my heart and change lives today and tomorrow, just as it has done down the ages. May we discovered the role you have for us to play in the telling of this good news as we draw closer to you in faith. Amen.”


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