Good at dying in the wrong ditch

tom-wrightIn this month’s Christianity Magazine, Bishop Tom Wright,one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars is interviewed about his own brand of Evangelical Christianity. The full interview is well worth reading , but for me there were a couple of stand-out quotes. When the interviewer Andy Walton was working hard to try to get Bishop Tom to describe exactly his brand of Evangelical Christianity, The Bishop chose to say;“The Bible always stretches our minds no matter how we do tradition….I’m closed on the Bible, I’m closed on the gospel, I’m closed on Jesus and there are lots and lots of other things i’m not open about…But if the opposite of open is dying in a hiding ina  corner, dying in the wrong , last ditch:evangelicals are always good at dying in the wrong last ditch:’We’ve got to stay here and die here’ and I think, ‘well,actually, that’s not what the real battle is.” So is the Bishop evangelicalism an open or shut case?

To read the interview is full see


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