A man out for a walk

My current CEO often says that a leader without followers is just a man out for a walk. Well, it strikes me that Jesus had more walk in the woods than walk with Alan Sugar about him, but maybe the boss  has something in this particular sound-bite. After all Jesus did take a bunch of relatively uneducated fishermen and transformed them into leaders once they had graduated as inquisitive and faithful followers. So, after a few years in management behind me, with professional qualifications, CPDs and staff reviews coming out of my ears, I guess it’s right ,after the life life symbolised by Easter, to pay some attention to seeing how my leadership skills measure up. The first step is to read Jo Owen’s internationally highly regarded ‘How to Lead’ which is billed as “what you actually need to do to manage, lead and succeed”.  The introduction suggests that often leadership is shrouded in mystery and reassures me that the combination of skills and experience combined in Nelson  Mandela, Machiavelli, Gengis Khan and Ghandi do not have to be attained to succeed in leadership- phew! It does, however , suggest that the perfect leader combines the following skills base:

creative, disciplined, visionary, detailed, motivational, commanding, directing, empowering, ambitious, humble,reliable, risk-taking, intuitive, logical, intellectual, emotional, coaching and controlling.

Err… that’s ok then. Maybe a walk by myself isn’t so bad, after all who could keep up with someone with all those qualities. Maybe we need more leaders who do less walking and more sitting at wells to talk to strangers.


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