The final three stations

resurrectionStation 13- Jesus is taken down from the cross- His suffering is over now. He is at peace. the chalice has passed. But only after it has been drained. his limp body rests on her lap. “Woman, how does this concern of your involve me?” he had asked at Cana (John 2:4). She had not been puzzled. Or deterred. No arguments. No altercation. “Do whatever he tells you” (John2:5). She is always there.

Station 14- Jesus is entombed-They bury him. He, for whom there had been no room at the inn (Luke 2:7). had to be buried in someone else’s tomb (Matt 27:60). Gethsemane of the bloody sweat. Jerusalem of the bloodthirsty condemnation. Golgotha of the bloodletting death. But this place? Not even a name.

Station 15- Jesus is risen-So many words ready to burst forth. Words of poets. Words of philosophers. Words of scientists. Words of musicians. Words of theologians. Words of artists. All waiting to be born. Words eager to give birt to the one immortal idea of all ages. And the only words that find life are so simple, so brief, so uncomplicated that many great minds have overlooked them: “He has risen!” (Mark 16:6). The Word is risen.

My thanks to the creativity of Rev. T. Ronald Haney for allowing me to share with you the true story of God’s compassion as we have shared together his version of the stations of the cross together over the last few days as we remember the great price that Jesus paid for our salvation. Tomorrow we will share the last words of Jesus from the cross as we meditate on the experience of that first Good Friday.

With thanks to the Rev T. Ronald Haney from his book The Stations of the Cross.


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  1. adventuresofabeautyqueen

    Hello there! Thanks for sharing!!! I also have a blog on the Stations of the Cross – a group of Christians set up an installation art exhibit called WalkWay in the middle of a garden next to a mall here in Manila. It’s a beautiful Stations of the Cross and I have pictures of each one as well as some of my thoughts. Please drop by and visit it when you are free. I only have Stations 1-6 up right now but I’ll be slowly adding the rest as the Holy Week progresses. Here’s my site –

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