Stations 7-9

large395Station 7- Jesus falls for the second time-He falls again. “My food is to do the will of him who sent me” (John 4:34). His perfection is his father’s will. Even if it means this humiliation. This degradation. The cosmic Lord plunging into the dust of this tiny particle of his vast creation. Barely able to concentrate. Pain. The crashing pain of universal sin scattered throughout every cell of his divinely sensitized body. Humiliation. Degradation.

Station 8- Jesus comforts the women- Weeping. Was it really? Some women. With their children. Weeping. he stopped. “There was following Jesus a great crowd of people and among them were some women who were bewailing and lamenting him” (Luke 23:27). Even in his agony, he would find words for others.

Station 9- Jesus Falls the third time- He falls again. Such a short distance from his last fall. Pain is now torture. This fall. It seems so final. “….all the kingdoms of the world…I will bestow on you if you prostrate yourself in homage before me” (Matt 4:8-9). He would not. he did not. He had his mission: His father’s kingdom,,,,of peace and unity, of justice and love. He lies there. His mission flashes before him.

With thanks to the Rev T. Ronald Haney from his book The Stations of the Cross.


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