I’m here

Last night, as part of my preparation in the run up to Holy Week, I viewed Mel Gibson’s The Passion of The Christ. It’s a very hard watch, with all the violence and the suffering , yet in parts it is so tender and moving. I was very struck by the powerful performance of  the actress playing  Mary and particularly where she sees her beaten and scourged son fall under the weight of the cross on the route to Calvary, recalling him stumbling as a boy on the streets of Nazareth. In both scenes she rushes over to him and hold him, uttering the words “I’m here.”  I reflected on these words and felt in my soul that these are words that Jesus wants us to know of him this Easter- after 2,000 years he is still here for us all whoever we are and whatever we think of him.

This is a video from The Passion of the Christ, from Mary’s point of view…listen to the words of the singers and imagine them as Mary’s thoughts about the journey of her son from , child, young prophet, crucified outcast to risen saviour.


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