Growing beyond disunity

brian-mclaren1I love Brian McLaren. I love the way he takes complex issues and makes them understandable: I love the way he gets to the heart of some of the problems we have as a church and brings a new wisdom to cutting through all the nonsense and highlighting just what needs to be done. prophet, poet, sage, teacher…he just does it for me when looking at our faith and what we need to do to hang together in God’s grace as the united family of God. Most of all I love the way he helps us discover more about Jesus- the author and finisher of our faith. One word, one church, one Lord. Take this little gem from his book ‘A Generous Orthodoxy”.

“We believe in one church…the creed says, and that’s no easy-to-swallow statement because we’re surrounded by denominations, divisions, arguments, grand polemics, and Petty squabbles. That’s where the “we believe” part comes in: you can only know the unity of the church by believing it, not by seeing it. When you believe it, you can see through the surface dirt and cracks to the beauty and unity shining beneath. Generous Orthodoxy presumes that the divisions, though tragic, are superficial compared to Christianity’s deep, though often unappreciated, unity. perhaps the more we believe in and perceive that unity, the easier it will be to grow beyond disunity.”

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