Why the lights are going out on Jesus

christ-the-redeemer-monument-in-rio-de-janeiroTonight you can make your feelings felt on the impact of global warming by just switching off your lights for one hour – Earth Hourfrom 8.30pm. No marches, no demonstrations no letters to Prime Ministers or Presidents needed, just a simple powering down of your lights. You won’t be alone, more than 3,200 cities across 88 countries have signed up for the event. Our own Climate Change Secretary (did you know we had one?) MP Ed Milliband has said, ” Earth Hour is shaping up to be an impressive symbolic response to our planet in peril,,making us all more aware of the energy we use is a critical first step in making lasting changes to our lifestyle.”

My home, well the lights will be out because we will be out, watching a concert- a requiem mass in fact about the death of Jesus Christ who described himself as the light of the world, saying in John Chapter 12 v 46 “I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.”Tonight at 8.30pm the statue of Christ the redeemer overlooking Rio de Janerio will have its lights switched off round about the time I will be listening to music¬†commemorating how Christ overcame the darkness of the world through his death and resurrection- some coincidence. Let’s hope an hour of darkness sheds some light on the problems of climate change.

For more on WWF’s Earth hour see http://earthhour.wwf.org.uk/?gclid=CLSVzaPdxZkCFRMSZwodmRPOuw&gclid=CLSVzaPdxZkCFRMSZwodmRPOuw


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