A miracle of nature meets a miracle of culture

Chief Rabbi Sacks

Chief Rabbi Sacks

Yet again thr writing of the Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks in Credo today’s column in The Times Newspaper, gives a very clear and insightful account of what faith is meant to be. Writing about how Darwin pointed the way to an unselfish revolution, Sacks writes; ” Faith is the ability to see ourselves as joined to others by god’s love…it weaves it into our personalities, affecting all parts of the almost infinitely complex labyrinth of the human brain. No wonder that religion has survived, and that we need it if we are to survive. And it was Darwin who pointed the way. Religion binds people into groups. it creates altruism, the only force strong enough to defeat egoism. Selfishness is good for me and my genes but bad for us and therefore our descendants in the long run. In Homo sapiens a miracle of nature meets a miracle of culture: religion, which turns selfish genes into selfless people.”

God bless you Jonathan and we give thanks to God for the way you can communicate these things so powerfully…it must be a miracle of your genes!

For more from Sir Jonathan Sacks and Times Credo see http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sitesearch.do?query=jonathan+sacks&turnOffGoogleAds=false&submitStatus=searchFormSubmitted&mode=simple&sectionId=787


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