I debaptise this adult in the name of… £3 a head

Firstly I need to set my stall out. I was baptised as a child in an Anglican church (by my non-churchgoing parents), and in my thirties I chose to be baptised in my local Baptist Church as an outward sign of my faith. To be honest, I am still unsure about the idea of baptising children, but find the latest idea from the national secular society a bit of a joke. You can get  a certificate , “printed on quality parchment paper” if you want to be liberated from, “the orginal mumbo jumbo that liberated you from the original sin you never had.” Yes, its a certificate of Debaptism and it will cost you a mere £3 to celebrate your inner rationality with this outward sign of a parchment certificate.

I am sure there will be a demand for this, but if you really want to do something with your £3 why not give it to a children’s hospice or charity instead,  where it will have a practical impact.  In fact if you think the Christian faith is a bit of a joke, wy not give your £3 to Comic Relief? After all, you got your original baptism for free…..just like the faith it represents.


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One response to “I debaptise this adult in the name of… £3 a head

  1. Dan


    It’s not their “latest idea”, it’s something they’ve offered for years. It was also, originally, indeed intended as a joke.

    But there’s a serious point to it too.


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