Because it says it all

I simply love this video by Paul Field and wanted to share it with you today- amidst whatever joy, heartache, wonder, fulfilment, disappointment, love or hate you are feeling and encountering.



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3 responses to “Because it says it all

  1. marcia

    Thanks very much for this!

    I only wonder, looking at the original lyrics, why the gay- and singles bars have been exchanged for the near and far (whereas the pimp and paedophile have been allowed to stay in)…


  2. unfinishedchristian

    Hi Marcia,

    Thanks for this. I didn’t know there was another version- please send me a link to it.
    god bless

  3. marcia


    as far as I could see, the song was originally written by the Dutchman Kees Kraayenoord.
    There are many versions on YouTube, e.g.

    and all the lyrics I could find on the internet included the gay- and singles bars.

    Anyway, in either version it is a beautiful song, I just wondered.

    And yes, simple as it is, it says it all 🙂


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