Children…theologial dynamite.

2009 is the Year of the Child and to mark this , complex topics ranging from creation and freedom to sin and forgiveness are seen Through the Eyes of a Child in a landmark collection of essays on children’s theological perspectives published recently  by Church House Publishing.

Each chapter is followed by questions for reflective engagement and discussion and each group of chapters is followed by a series of activities to encourage ways of interacting with and learning from children. These include reading recommended Scripture passages with children, alongside games and creative activities through which adults learn from younger people.

The Rt Revd John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford, says: “Children are not so much being ‘written about’ as ‘written with’. Such a strategy makes us rethink every theological construct and revisit every spiritual cliché. Children are theological dynamite.”

Through the Eyes of a Child – New insights in theology from a child’s perspective, priced £19.99 (ISBN 978-07151-4088-8), is available from Christian bookshops, or by mail order via the web.



Hold That WordHold that word That almost escaped,
Pursue the echo.
Hold that place
Where words have failed
On the tip of your tongue.

Hold that thought
Of almost inspiration,
Where emptiness intrudes.

Hold that poem
At the moment of waking,
Before the white-wash of day.

Hold that prayer
Suspended over the world,
And feel Him speak


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