From Jesus to the Ripper

joseph-mawleI am a fan of the author David Peace and last night’s Red Riding 1980 on Channel 4, took us through his fictionalised account of the horrific events of the 70’s and into 1980 when The Yorkshire Ripper exerted his reign of terror over women across Yorkshire. Typically for Peace ,the focus was less on the Ripper himself and more on his highly fictionalised account of police corruption and brutality which hampered an effective enquiry. The drama painted a depressingly bleak picture with no respite from the murder, brutality,misery and corruption- dark,gripping and mesmerising stuff. Well, towards the end of the episode “Peter” was finally caught and taken down to the cells for questioning. Imagine my surprise to find the most notorious mass murder of recent times being played by Joseph Mawle- the actor who made such a highly acclaimed job of playing Jesus in last year’s BBC Easter drama The Passion. It made my think again of  Joseph’s  understated and dramatic portrayal of Christ, so I thought I’d remind you all to watch this again at some stage during Easter.

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