The scary book of the Bible

therevelationThe last time I encountered the book of Revelation from  the Bible I was 15 years old- it scared me stiff and I became a Christian!  But as I have been reading my way steadily through the New Testament I have gradually got closer to the book that probably divides Christian opinion more than any other . Later this week I will begin reading the only biblical book to carry both a blessing on those who read it and a curse on those who tamper with it (1:3; 22:18-19. Will it be like  i’m back on that scary ghost train again at 15, or will it have lost some of its impact with the passage of time? After discovering more of the loving, inclusive and accepting Jesus of the Gospels, I know I will have to confront a very different Christ from these pages; a warlike murderer who shows no mercy for the godless as he descends from heaven on his war horse with his cape dripping with blood, wielding a tongue that slays thousands of Kings, generals and mighty men. Baby Jesus meek and mild it ain’t. So, pray for me and send in any comments and observations you have about this book- just one plea don’t shout boo whilst I’m reading it will you?


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