M shaken not stirred by prayer

Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming

I am enjoying reading my way through  Ian Fleming’s  James Bond books back to back again, but until last night had forgotten an interesting reflection by Bond’s boss ‘M’ on prayer and his relationship with God. In For Your Eyes Only, curmudgeonly old ‘M’ is moaning to Bond about the lonliness of the role of supreme commander and opines; “Someone’s got to be tough. Someone’s got to decide in the end..Some people are religious- pass the decision on to God. I used to try that sometimes in the Service, but He always passed the buck back again- told me to get on and make up my own mind. Good for one I suppose, but tough. Trouble is very few people keep tough after forty.”

As someone over forty struggling with a few life decisions at the moment I guess Ian Fleming provides as good a guide as any religious commentator about how God would expect me to find my own answers. Don’t pass the buck!


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