Not so typical teenager

My teenager daughter has a boyfriend, she likes Facebook, MSM, electric guitar, Girls Aloud, make-up, Hollyoaks, sleepovers with her friends and shopping- she would call herself a Christian, but doesn’t sound much like  Deborah Drapper. Deborah is 13, has never heard of Britney Spears or Victoria Beckham (no loss there), and has been brought up away from the influence of celebrity culture and reality TV. On 10th March BBC Three will be broadcasting Deborah 13:Servant of God which will follow the teenager stepping out into the wider world to see what life is like outside her family as she puts her beliefs forward to a wider audience. The programme aims to explore the difference between the upbringing of a typical teenager and that of one where traditional family values and a religious upbringing form the foundation of family life. I will be watching with my teenage daughter and I am sure by the end of it we will still by asking ourselves “what is typical?” and “what does it mean to live a Christian lifestyle in 2009?” I wonder if Jesus were here today would he be connected with or disconnected from teenager culture?

Deborah 13: servant of God is broadcast on Tuesday 10th March at 9pm on BBC Three



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2 responses to “Not so typical teenager

  1. Deborah Drapper

    Hi, Deborah Drapper here! It was interesting to read your article. I hope you and your daughter enjoy the Documentary on 10th March. If you want to find out more about me you can read my blog at
    By the way, I love the name of your blog page. It’s great to have a Christian presence on the web.

  2. Unfinished Christian

    Wow, what a prompt response and from you Deborah this is great. My daughter was knocked out that you responded in person. Thanks for the kind comments on the blog. I did take a look at yours too- good for you to share your life in this way. Have you been in touch with CARIS magazine which is aimed at Christian teenage girls? You can get in touch with them at

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