All is vanity

Well, 28 posts and one month in how is this blog going? Well, I suppose one of the risks you take in being anonymous is that you can’t really promote it in the same way as you would when you can email  and facebook all your friends and say- “Hi there take a look at my blog”. So, my results are quite modest so  far – 283 views (65 of these on one day) and 8 comments.  If you follow this blog and you think others are interested then please tell them. I am not a natural diarist and it is always good to get feedback…it might just give me the encouragement to continue. Blogging is such a lonely pursuit.

UPDATE: Since I posted this I have had 30 more views!!!!!


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One response to “All is vanity

  1. marcia

    I am following.
    And very unfinished as well.
    Even if not regularly commenting.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts – don’t give up!


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