Wax God?

Wax God?

Wax God?

Yesterday I visited Madame Tussauds, the UK’s most popular attraction. It was fascinating to see the quality of some of the wax sculptures of the historical, the famous and the infamous, and also the reaction of people. Hundreds flocked around their favourite celebrity to have their photographs taken with them- Madonna, Depp, Jolie, Pitt, Clooney, Timberlake. Posh & Becks in the exhibition “opening night”. As the programme said; “it’s the evening when every star wants  to shine at their brightest…but this is an opening night with a difference: you.” I saw a couple of young boys who pointed excitedly to a tall figure amongst the myriad stars and told their mum they wanted to be photographed next to God- what they meant, of course, was Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty!

The kids got me thinking about how in the film Bruce Almighty- Freeman portrays God as a humble janitor cleaning the floors and helps Jim Carrey’s Bruce (also featured at Tussauds), understand the real meaning of love, power and miracles by challenging Bruce to live his life by showing care and compassion and encourages him to Be the miracle for those in need who he meets.

So the craftsmanship involved in some of Tussaud’s wax sculptures is fantastic- so lifelike you could almost believe they’re real. I wonder if the kids were right and Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of the character of God is just as lifelike as his wax figure?


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