God.com and St Pixels

St Pixels web church

St Pixels web church

You have 4 days left to check out  a BBC Radio 4 broadcast from Dr Robert Beckford examining the popularity of religion on the internet.

Religion on the internet is second only to sex in terms of the number of sites and appears to be catching up.

Robert asks a podcasting priest, a blogging rabbi and an imam whether on-line religion is replacing more traditional forms. He visits anIslamic Girls School, where he asks the students about their experiences. And  a practising pagan, explains how the internet has also strengthened the worldwide pagan community.

Listen to the broadcast at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00hc2cx

Imagine church with no cobwebs, wooden pews, hymn books, overhead projector, leaking roof, organ fund… or even church building. That’s where you are right now. Welcome to St Pixels, the online church where you can meet others, talk about serious and not-so-serious stuff, discuss what you do and don’t believe, go to regular services, and join a pioneering worldwide community.

see http://www.stpixels.com/view_releases.cgi

At least you don’t need to hug people when you share the peace in this church!


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