Is homophobia a Christian value?

Tonight I received an email from a Deacon of a church I used to attend asking me to sign a petition to help stop the Government recommending books for reading in secondary schools that contain illegal acts by minors and I quote “make it seem normal”. The correspondent tries to alarm me further by writing that “changes already made to sex and relationship changes promote experimentation and relationships that are in direct opposition to Christian morals and ethics. I can only see the new changes as acting to further corrupt the children that God has placed under our care.”

I can understand if people hold strong views on a number of subjects, but quite frankly I am fed up with people hiding behind the Christian faith as a figleaf for their own personal prejudices. Too often we weild the bible as a sword of truth that cuts people asunder with reckless selective quoting of scripture, when the people need to hear more of the love and inclusiveness that Jesus advocated. As Desmond Tutu said, “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

If we take Jesus as our guide, he didn’t say a lot  on this subject, but  said a great deal more about greed, hypocrisy, unkindness, intolerance and injustice. Why is it that too many in church run to plant our Christian flag in the moral high ground, yet fail to get their hands dirty with the real issues of poverty, homelessness, injustice and misused of power which have far more damaging effects on individuals and communities.

What if there were a petition against  books in secondary schools that championed unbridled capitalism as the bedrock on which to build a society? Now there is a petition worth signing.

Read more about how inclusive church can be at


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One response to “Is homophobia a Christian value?

  1. Andrew Wooding

    Amen! Can’t add much else to this.

    I am an evangelist who seeks to connect with people outside the church. I am a laughing stock if I try to connect with people who believe in evolution and insist on a six-day creation because ‘the Bible tells me so’.

    Equally, I am a laughing stock if in talking to my mostly heterosexual friends I insist that same-sex long-term committed relationships are wrong because ‘the Bible tells me so’.

    The fact is, the Bible DOESN’T tell me so, just some people’s interpretation of it.

    Do I banish unclean women to the outer reaches of Sheffield for a few days because ‘the Bible tells me so’?

    Andrew Wooding

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